Foundation 2 Class

‘Postcards for kindness’

The children were invited to design their own postcards to send to residents in care homes across the country - an initiative designed to help combat the feeling of isolation and loneliness for this pocket of society.

In addition to their pictures, the children were asked to think of a little message to send also, one that they thought would make the recipients smile.

The children got to choose which care home within the United Kingdom that they would send theirs to and a group of children got the opportunity to walk to the local post box in the community to start the journeys of our messages.

We are eagerly awaiting to any responses to our mail that we may receive.


The Coat of Arms of the F2 class!

We are proud to present our class’ Coat of Arms.

We chose to represent aspects of what makes us unique as a distinct group and also what unites us a school.

Our colours of red, blue, yellow and green represent the four ‘houses’.

The snake wrapped around the pencil is ‘Sally Spelling Snake’ who joins in our phonics sessions.

The trees represent our time in the Forest School where we are encouraged to listen to the bird song!

We think learning should be fun – hence the emoji’s

We value kindness and caring for others so you can see ‘kind’ hands, a reply from our ‘postcards of kindness’ initiative that we are so proud to be a part of and a bee to represent working as a team.

We love to learn so we will do ‘good’ looking with eyes open wide as we travel along on our learning journey together! (The glasses also represent Selina’s spectacles)

We respond to the chant “3, 2, 1” and our motto – “We can do this!”

We are AWESOME – we are the F2’s