Staffing – Academic Year 2023 - 2024


Miss Kate Rimell

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Carey Kelly

School Business Manager

Mrs Helen Thomson

Admin Assistant

Position vacant

Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage 2

Mrs Selina Slone

Year 1

Mrs Lizzie Kelly

Year 2

Mrs Jacqueline Grumbt

Year 3

Miss Hollie Foulkes

Year 4

Miss N. Webb (Maternity Cover - Miss Samantha Richardson)

Year 5

Miss Shelley Gardener

Year 6

Mr Jack Forrest

The Canopy (ASC SEN Centre)

Mrs Ilaria Winterbottom

Sports and Forest School

Mrs Nickii Higgins

Teaching Assistants

Foundation Stage 2

Mrs J Wallis  (Mrs Lauren Ellis)

Year 1


Year 2

Mrs Ume Zaidi

Year 3

Mrs Lisa Mescall

Year 4

Mrs Christine Wynne

Year 5

Mrs Tara Kidd

Year 6

Mrs Tracy Hughes

The Canopy

Mrs Carolyn Shepard

Mrs Kimberley McCarthy

Mrs Nicole Warner

Forest School

Mrs Lucy Anderson

Special Education Needs


Mrs Carey Kelly 

Speech and Language Therapy

Mrs Tracey Abbotts



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