Vision Statement

We believe passionately in our school and its community. We believe that South Ascot Village School (SAVS) is a special place; a school which truly values each and every individual.

Each and every person who contributes to SAVS is part of an extended family. 

We care for everyone; children and adults alike. We embrace diversity. We support each other’s dreams and ambitions, desires and aspirations; (Bee).

No-one can tell us: We can’t or won’t… We can and we will.  We have the determination to succeed; (Fish). 

As individuals and a collective, we plan for success which is necessary to reach our shared goals; (Owl). 

We encourage curiosity and enquiry – asking the questions which will open doors to new learning and challenge existing ideas; (Cat).

We value the process as well as the product. We recognise that learning is a journey and is as important as the ultimate result. We evolve and embrace change as we extend our learning experiences; (Butterfly).

We embrace creativity and innovation. Thinking outside out of the ordinary, risk taking and blue sky thinking are encouraged; (Monkey).

We make links and connections in our knowledge, relationships and learning to aid our ultimate understanding of the world around us; (Spider). 

Together we have strength.

It is as a united team we move, ever forward, toward an outstanding provision for all of our families and children.

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